Our wedding planning kits come in three different colors: Blush, Baby blue and white. Each binder comes with a clear inside pocket to hold business cards from vendors or even a space to hold flash drives of pictures. They come stamped with “Our Wedding” on the spine with a horse drawn carriage on the front. We allow the option to customize the front of the binder with the Couples last name and/or their wedding date.

The binder also comes with 20 different tabs such as Budget, Wedding Party, Ceremony, etc. It has everything to help you organize your wedding day, including both Bride and Groom checklists.

Customized Wedding Kit

All Your Wedding Planning Needs

30 Apr 2019

Saying no to the phone. Should you have an unplugged ceremony?

What would you rather have? Guests who can access their phones and take pictures at your wedding or guests who have no access to their electronic devices and have their full attention on you? We give some of the negatives and positives of both scenarios so you can choose.

19 Mar 2019

All You Need To Know About Gifts For A Future Bride.

Know someone who recently got engaged or who is about to walk down the aisle in a few short months? We have the items that you need on your list to get them all prepped to be the Future Mrs. from ring dishes to personalized slippers. She'll go into her marriage in style.

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08 Mar 2019

You’re engaged… Now what?

The next step after getting engaged is to figure out the wedding budget so that you know exactly what you can afford moving forward. We go through the most helpful information when setting your initial wedding budget.

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